Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rebecca LeBas (42872782) And Nicolas Mulder (42895421)


For the photo essay, our theme regarded “Houses” and the sub theme of roof-tops. My partner and I were inspired by the everyday architecture that houses and roof tops provide in shaping our society. Houses and roof-tops also provide a gateway into the public life from the private sphere. Individuals sub-consciously leave their private life to commence daily life duties in the public realm. In fitting with the notion of ‘everyday aesthetic’, we believed our theme of houses and sub theme of roof-tops were perfect because everyone sees it in their day to day life; and doesn’t stop to question it.

As Susan Murray stated in her writings regarding shifting notions of everyday aesthetics, “Photography is no longer just the embalmer of time…but rather a more alive, immediate, and often transitory practice/form.” (2008, p.1) My partner and I considered both the functionality of roofs and aesthetic appeal and how it largely goes forgotten. We wanted to capture the architectural elements of various styled houses in Suburban Sydney. Using a DSLR, we were able to capture the everyday aesthetic of houses and roof-tops.

Our photography like Flickr is inspired by the everyday motive; an  “…immediate, rather fleeting, display and collection of one’s discovery…” (Murray, 2008, p.1) As amateur photographers, my partner and I found inspiration in the spontaneity of driving around suburbia; sourcing photos of various period style house and roof tops in areas of Beecroft, Carlingford and Cheltenham.   


Murray, S (2008) Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics. Journal of Visual Culture August 2008 vol. 7(2). 147-163.

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