Friday, October 12, 2012

Dylan Crowther and Robbie Coy photo essay.

'The Significance of the Insignificant'

In line with the notion of the ‘everyday aesthetic’, ‘The significance of the insignificant’ seeks to illustrate the relativity of significance and ultimately, the beauty and meaning inherent in ‘everyday’ items, locations and surroundings. As such, we chose to examine the overlooked in order to demonstrate that each whilst to one observer an everyday item is no more than trash, to another it holds an aesthetic appeal, or represents a subjective memory. This concept was furthered through each of our choice of shots; a table setting left behind, an old discarded sock, a lover's forgotten inscription. Each of these ‘everyday’ insignificant items ironically houses an aesthetic beauty due to the significance they hold to someone, thereby relating to the concept of the ‘everyday aesthetic’. The use of contrasting throughout our piece serves to illuminate the aforementioned ideal, so as to transform the ‘everyday’ into an aesthetic representation of the hidden significance of the insignificant. Thus, this piece reflects the notion of the ‘everyday aesthetic’, transforming disregarded ‘trash’ into the symbol of a treasured memory.

Dylan Crowther and Robbie Coy.

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