Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MAS110 Photo Essay Rationale, Isabel Pamatmat 42852080 and Matija Simic 41482034

Intricate Details

The predominant theme of our video 'Intricate Details' is the everyday aesthetics of doorknobs. Our sub-theme is the concept of 'wear and tear' and the intricate aspects that are associated with this object, which gradually deteriorate over time. The focus of this video is to draw attention to the mundane objects that are overlooked in everyday life (Murray 2008). The 'wear and tear' aspect of the doorknobs is emphasised in the video by the lines, cracks, paint, grime and rust of this object. These aesthetics symbolise the inherent characteristics of a household ageing throughout time, aesthetics which are largely overlooked in our everyday lives. 

Murray, S. 2008. 'Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Out Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics'. In Journal of Visual Culture, August 2008, vol. 7(2), pp. 147-163. 

By Isabel Pamatmat 42852080 and Matija Simic 41482034 

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