Friday, October 12, 2012

photo essay by Laura zhang 43014941

Something will small and may ignorant is the part of “everyday aesthetics”. The theme of my photo essay is a about street which is people touched in everyday but not pay attention to it. The video demonstrate the different views form streets, by the way I use letter to help audiences to understand what I want to say in the photo. Although, street is a universal views in people’s life, yet, there are many histories happened in there. Each of streets has their own culture and unique name. Actually, sometimes which is brought unforgettable memories is not only about street, but also about someone where living in the street. The photo essay focus on demonstrating “everyday aesthetics”, I try to make some links in my photos so that audiences can understand my idea. The idea of my video is about street, it like a person to describe themselves history. 24 images reflect the daily life of people in the streets that is the most nature and universal ways to tell audience what is the beauty in the society. I capture images from city and quite street near my house. Even more I collect many street pictures in different perspective, such as rainy, snow, sunny and cloudy. The purpose of this which is demonstrate street in comprehensive.
Music name: make you feel my love
By: Jon Peter Lewis

Student No: 43014941

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