Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Essay - Edward Midgley 42410363

"Nature Breaks"
My Photo essay captures the unique nature of weeds and the urban environment. Inspired by the blog "Guerilla Gardening" and their mission to take photographs of beautiful plant life imposed into the Urban environment. With the assignment condition needing to be original I took it one step back and just looked at how weeds and plants manage to break through the oppressive and almost impassable human designed structures such as concrete and brick. This photo essay gives an insight into plants that we consider a pest but when analyzed on a deeper level show the power of nature. The insignificance of these small things is blown away when we see the allegory for society and our ambition for growth past immense challenges.

I took these photos around my local area both from my own garden which I had let grow for this assignment, and local roads and parks. My favourite photo is a single strand of grass poking out of concrete next to a drain and I think it really captures the point of my video.

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