Friday, October 12, 2012

MAS110: Suburb in Decay By: Natalia Mierzwa 43052258

The choice of the theme “Suburb in decay” with the sub-theme of colour and textures was influenced by the everyday aesthetics. The objects found in the photo essay shifts the engagement with the everyday image as it reflects the beauty found in the ‘worn and torn’ that is often overtime neglected things in life that are left unnoticed. It also provides an immediate display of discovery and framing of the mundane that has been captured in the essence of this assignment. I choose various objects to photograph such as decaying walls, paint wearing off stairs, cracks on the road, doors and fences to key in with the theme of authentic decay in the structural elements.
The photographs are intentionally juxtaposed with another as they are placed in a particular way that will aim to draw the viewer’s attention to the variety of the objects colours and textures that I have tried to display.  Overall the emotion evoked by the choice of music is “hauntingly” beautiful as the electronic textures and not persistent beat is used to create or enhance a mood in what is up to the viewer to feel. The fast passed beat has also helped tie the images quickly in a 30 second timeslot. Hope you enjoy!
Baths (2011)
Creative Commons licence: Attribution Non commercial ShareAlike (3.0) licence

Murray, S 2008, 'Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Out Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics', Journal of Visual Culture, August, vol. 7(2), pp. 147-163.

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