Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAS110 Photo Assignment-Ellen Stacey 42912083

Hidden Street Art is the often over-looked art that can be found in the streets, on walls, on doorways and benches throughout the world. Earlier this year I traveled to Melbourne, and saw examples of such street art around the city. The street art varied in its depth and complexity, but some was obviously done by talented artists wishing to showcase their talent to the general public. When I came across art in different locations, I realised that such great beauty was posted over walls in laneways and quiet streets and that it was highly probable that many people would not even know it was there. Unless people lived nearby or had reason to walk past it on a regular basis, it could go unnoticed. Passers-by could also overlook the depth of artistic talent, seeing it as little more than graffiti, or as an eyesore in an otherwise ‘tidy’ environment. The effort and talent that has gone into some of these works goes unappreciated so often, so I wanted to showcase this in my video. Many people don’t ever get a chance to see some of the amazing work on offer, free to view.

Ellen Stacey 42912083

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