Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Joel Evans (42868416) And Olivia Dent (42471346)


The concept of the 'everyday aesthetic' is centered on mundane items that are used or encountered everyday, but largely go unnoticed (Murray, 2008, 155). For our photo essay we focused on "more of a fascination with the process of compilation and comparison"(Murray, 2008, 155) rather than "narrative coherence" (Murray, 2008, 155). 

The theme of our photo essay is technology; the sub theme that we are focusing on is electronics, as we thought it would be exciting and interesting to experiment with. We believe it fits Murray's concepts of amateur photography and 'everyday aesthetics', as electronics are a major aspect of everyday life and largely go overlooked. Few notice electronic devices until they either malfunction or a new and improved model has been made available. By placing images with similar subjects side by side we maintained the 'everyday aesthetic' theme throughout the photo essay. 

From buttons on keyboards, cables and wires to USB's we thought it would be interesting to experiment with different angles, lighting and other techniques to create our photo essay centered on electronics. As mentioned above we adhered to the notion of 'everyday aesthetic'. An example of this in our photo essay is image nineteen, which has a focus on the cords. These are highlighted by natural lighting and draws the eye of the viewer to the cords, which would normally go overlooked. 


Murray, S (2008) Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics. Journal of Visual Culture August 2008 vol. 7(2). 147-163.

By Joel Evans: 42868416 and Olivia Dent: 42471346

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