Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lights By Sonia And Tiegan


Small and mundane aesthetics surround us every day, usually with little regard or appreciation. Despite each object being a creation; a representation of beauty and purpose, it often goes unnoticed due to the fast paced society we live in. Light, which governs our use of space and time and the way we live our lives cannot always be natural. Artificial light, in the form of electricity is a human construct and has broadened our opportunity see, in otherwise darkness. Light surrounds our daily actions but is often taken for granted. Through our collection of images, we have aimed to express different sources of light, from natural to artificial fixtures. We portray not only how the mundane can be transformed to be something beautiful but how these different sources and fixtures are art forms that expose and store light which we would have a lot of trouble living without.

Sonia Kovacevic - 42884306
Tiegan Scully - 42774012

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