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For long time before, traditional media as a simply tool to transmit information to people. Newspaper, radio and television provide more change to people realized the ways of media. It can be seen different media have their specific functions and audiences. However, from the perspective in that time, each of singer media was isolate and separate till digital media take place into traditional media gradually, then new forms of transmit information methos was accept by all of the world. The most dramatic difference is that media have more interact and cooperation with each other than before. For example, mobile phone not for calling or text message, but can watch TV, videos or listening to music. Singer- function is not exist modern society anymore, because no one need them, this example was set in Jenkins booking. (Jenkins, 2006)

From media perspective it called media convergence. The definition of media convergence was written by Andrew. He point out Media convergence in term of cultural Alliance that is print, audio, interactive digital media organization between strategy and operations. (Andrew, 2005) Andrew emphasize in his book, media convergence is focus on discussing the relationships between cooperation and Alliance in multiple media industries. More and more strategic cooperation may achieve win-win situation for each or country. There is no doubt; media convergence is a product of globalization, the influence convergence not only to people, but in media commerce.

Digital media convergence change the ways of people communication or entertainment. As people’s know that Newspaper was an overlord in last century. However, when broadcasting created in 1920, it broken position of newspaper in media. Broadcasting seemed replaced by TV. Nowadays, internet swept the globe. Someone think new media must take place into traditional media. The writer Bruce Sterling said, old media will fade away because of technology change (Jenkins, 2006) In fact, when new media growing up not means old media are die as same time. All of digital media can established because of based on traditional media, that is to say traditional media is a necessary condition to implement digital media occupied major position in modern society. (Jenkins, 2006)For example, DVD (CD) tapes were used by majority people for a long time. But from this imagine, it demonstrate people prefer to watching video online or physical. From 2007 to 2012, traditional media (physical) pulled ahead of the digital media. However, the turning point to digital media for watching videos in 2012. More than that, online TV and videos will replace DVD tapes or CDs in the future. (Johnson, 2012)

Digital media brings many benefits to people and make people’s social life is not about individual anymore. Social life is three-dimension and comprehensive are important characters in digital media convergence. Social networking websites built on the internet, mobile phone Company’s cooperation with social networking websites, create new products so that download client site of those websites, such as, Twitter or Facebook. Send email or text voice message to friends also can achieve in mobile phone, computer and Ipad. Digital media make up alliance not only lead people into a digital world, also is a strategy in commerce.

Furthermore, digital media convergence dramatically changes the market share in traditional media. Old media have much limitation. From newspaper perspective explains that the value of new is currently and reality. Newspaper does not like magazines which have a long time to prepared; it can cut into many imagines and commercials. The interest of newspaper depends on how much sales per day. Fierce competitions and price war made newspaper companies involving in worse situation. When low interests cannot afford debts, the company of newspaper may face bankrupt. Nowadays, the relationship in media companies has great change, more and more projects made in different media industries; they cooperate with each other and have common interests in the project. For example, if the company bankrupt that means cooperative partners must suffer immeasurable losses as the same time. Therefore, a lot of digital media companies are interest group, they have responsible to keep their partner can manage the company. In addition, digital media convergence avoids the weakness from traditional media. In fact, newspaper is a unilateral way to transport information to customer. It is hard to communicate with reader and get feedback from audiences. News is not limit on paper; digital media makes news in everywhere, laptop, mobile phone, online news and so on. People can take part in news and discuss political and all kinds of news though digital media. No matter who are you, if audiences have some ideas or thoughts, they can published comments in certain areas. New mode is applied into media industries make them depend on each other for existence and interconnecting.   

All in all, Convergence for digital media is inevitable in the future. With the time flies, old media may fade away in history stage. Digital media convergence control people’s life. But this is not means old media is died, In fact, old media combine current media become a new form media. More cheaper and more powerful.

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